Soul Guidance

♦  One-on-One Soul Guidance  ♦

What the heck is soul guidance?  I’m glad you asked.  I typically describe it as holistic life-coaching.  It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that you are not just a physical body.  You also have an emotional body, a mental body, and a spirit body.  Together we work from the inside out to heal you on all levels so your energy can flow and you can reach your full potential.

Soul guidance can help you:

  • Maintain natural health and vitality
  • Create fulfilling relationships (family, romantic, work, social)
  • Find meaning and purpose in your career
  • Create financial well-being
  • Name and achieve your goals
  • And anything else you wish to create

Soul guidance connects your everyday goals with a larger purpose and direction.  It can help you bring a mindfulness to your life and a balance that allows you to flow with life rather than resisting it.  It helps you answer questions like “Who am I?” and “What do I wish to create in this life?”  It reminds you that you are of the Universe not in it, and that this naturally endows you with a creative life-force that is available to you at all times. Soul guidance is available to anyone regardless of belief in or about religion and/or a higher power.

♦  Soul Guidance Packages  ♦

Package of ten sessions:  $750

This is where to start.  If you’re serious about becoming a conscious creator this package is for you.  This is an investment in yourself over the long-term.  It is not my intent to see you once a week for the rest of your life, but to equip you to move forward as the conscious creator of your life.  In these 10 sessions not only clear old blocks and limitations, but you will also gain a new awareness frees you from creating new blocks and limitations.  A payment plan is available.  All sessions are 1-hour.

Package of five sessions:  $425

This package is for those of you interested in working through one specific issue, or if you’ve already had 10 sessions and have hit a bump in the road down the way and need some support to move on through. A payment plan is available.

One session:  $100

One session is for those of you who would like to experience a full session before signing up for a package, or for a tune-up once you’ve completed a package.


♦  Body and Breath Work  ♦

Just in the regular course of living, we all accumulate blocks, mis-learnings, and traumas that prevent us from achieving our full potential.  The techniques I use, Unlimited Body™ and Unlimited Breath™, seek to discover these blocks and remove them so your body can return to its natural, healthy state, and free you to create the life you wish to have.  They do this by looking at the person holistically, meaning they treat the person as a whole, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels.  Blocks can occur on one or more levels and each is addressed with Unlimited Body™ and Unlimited Breath™.


Our bodies store blocks, traumas, and mis-learnings and each one we acquire in life limits the natural movement of the body, and thus limits our health and aliveness.  Through Safe Touch and Natural Yoga we can release these blocks and return your body to its natural movement and your full health and aliveness.


The breath is the most natural way to cleanse the body, create emotional health, clear the mind, and become aware of your higher knowing.  With this technique we can discover the habits and patterns in your life that bring results that don’t serve you.  Your new awareness will allow you to make different choices that bring the results you desire and help you create the world as you wish to see it.  Click here to check out my video series on a 7-day breath cleanse I did myself.

♦  Body and Breath Work Packages  ♦

 *All sessions run around 2 hours.*

Package of ten sessions:  $1250

A payment plan is available.

Package of three sessions:  $400

A payment plan is available.

One session:  $150

All new body and breath work clients must begin with the 10-session package (you may sign up for 1- single session to experience it first). Once you have completed a 10-session package you may sign up for a single session or any package at any time.

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The possibilities are endless.  
You’re in charge of your session and of your life.  
We can go wherever your imagination wants to go.  
You can Achieve Your Potential.  
No Expectations.  
No Limitations.