Lift Off Workshop Series

The Lift Off Workshop Series is designed to introduce you to a new way of thinking about yourself, others, and the world around you. Its intent is to empower you, and leave you feeling excited about your present and future, ready to take action to create the life of your dreams. I offer it to groups and businesses, all four or a la carte.

Class One

Thoughts: Your Superpower

In this class you’ll learn that your thoughts are not the boss of you, and that actually you can harness them to support you and what you want in your life.

Class Two

Emotions: Not of Four Letter Word

Admit it, you have some emotions you’re not fond of, if not all of them. Unfortunately, when ignored they can cause lots of problems and pain. In this class you’ll discover their true purpose and function, and they’ll become a valuable resource in your life’s toolbox.

Class Three

Divinely Selfish: Clarifying What You Want

Creating the life you want requires that you know what the heck you want. If you’re like most though, you haven’t taken the time to figure that out without all the opinions of family, friends, society, etc. used as your starting point. You have dreams and desires for a reason. Time to dust them off and get moving on them!

Class Four

Cheeseburgers to Kale: Creating Your Action Plan

You now have a powerful toolbox of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You know what you want too. So now what? You’ve had plans before, and even started working on them, but somehow never got too far. This final class will help you create an action plan that isn’t overwhelming and will help you take action every day in the direction of your dreams.


Contact me if you are interested in bringing theses classes to your group or business.