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I’ve got good news for you! Just by visiting this page, you’ve already set the wheels in motion.

In motion toward what you ask?

Towards relieving your frustration and the end of feeling stuck.

Towards finding the peace and balance

you’ve been looking for in your life.

Just by inquiring into something different, you’ve declared you’re ready for a new perspective. You know there’s more to life and you’ve set the intention to find out just what that is.

After completing my Infinite Possibilities Workshop, you’ll find you have a different understanding of the events and circumstances of your life, one where

You are in charge and have the power to change!

gratitude-1251137_640And the best part is that is just the beginning.

As you practice the simple tools and techniques you’ll learn,

you’ll realize how easy it is to

create the abundance of




and success

you’ve always dreamed of.

To learn these powerful, yet simple tools and techniques that will change your life, join me

January 17, 24, 31, & February 7

Time: 6-8:30pm

Location: Online!


This is what it all boils down to: Thoughts Become Things. While this seems like a simple idea, the implementation and effective use of it takes some practice. Most of us have been living under a different understanding our whole lives. That’s where this workshop comes in. It supports you in…

creating a new understanding of how the world works

and your power and role within it.

Your mind is more powerful than you think, and with a little bit of practice, you can use the power of your thoughts to

make the life of your dreams your reality.

Thoughts are just one form of energy, and with that in mind, you can ask yourself,

“What kind of thoughts run through my head most days?

Do they reflect what I’d like to manifest in the world?

Do I complain a lot?

Feel defeated?





If one or all of these are common for you, don’t despair! Just as you have the power to create the life you’re living now, you’re just as capable of creating the life you want, simply by changing your thoughts.

Where you once you might have reacted with anger, sadness, frustration and the like, after gaining the knowledge and insight from my workshop, you’ll find yourself being…

more present and less reactive

more content and balanced 

…in all areas and situations of your life, so much so that your friends and family will wonder what you’ve been up to.  They’ll want to know your secret as they see you stop reacting to the world around you and instead start to create it.

“I’m not just the teacher! I’m also a student of this powerful program!”

It’s with this understanding of the world and these tools and techniques that I have been able to create a life I’m passionate and excited about. Just a few years ago I was on a career path that was not a good fit for me and I could not see a way out of it. I was also suffering from chronic back pain, and had a few unhealthy relationships. By following simple tools and techniques to change my thinking, in just a few short years I’ve started my own business doing what I love, I released all my chronic pain, and created good, healthy relationships with my friends and family. And the best part is I’m still growing and creating more and more of the abundant life I want. I’m sure it’s easy to understand why I’m so passionate about this program, and cannot wait to share it with you. I promise, you will not find a more motivated teacher than me. I want nothing more than to see you step into your role as a powerful creator this world.


Even if you’ve tried other programs before but eventually fell off the wagon, this program will be different for you because it does not ask you to make major life changes all at once, and there is certainly no force or “will power” necessary to see dramatic results. By practicing the simple tools and techniques I will provide you, the changes happen by themselves, naturally. This program is not some fad that in the days and weeks to follow you’ll slowly lose motivation and forget what you learned. 

Through my Infinite Possibilities workshop, you will gain a new perspective that once learned, cannot be unlearned or forgotten. Your natural direction is growth and evolution, this just speeds up the process!


By signing up for my workshop you’ll receive:ip book

    • Infinite Possibilities, the book
    • Infinite Possibilities, the workbook
    • Practical, easy tools and techniques to use now and in the future to keep you on track
    • Direct attention and support from the instructor (that’s me!!)
    • Support from the whole group and small group activities and discussions
    • Inclusion in my on-going private Facebook community, Come Alive!, for continued support, resources, advice, answers to questions, inspiration, and more.

With my Infinite Possibilities workshop you are not asked to believe or do anything that does not resonate with you. In this program, you take from it what you need to move forward in life. I will not ask you to follow a strict prescription, or tell you you have to do “XYZ” exactly as I say for you to be successful. The beauty of Infinite Possibilities is that it can meet you where you are today, and accompany you on your journey as you evolve. The possibilities are truly infinite!

Just listen to what previous students have said about my Infinite Possibilities workshop:

“This class has opened my mind to so many possibilities. I can’t wait to use the tools and techniques to create my dream life.”

-Trish O.

“Jessica is a great teacher and her passion for what she does is clear! I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone! A+!”

-Lexi P.

“Jessica does a great job leading the Infinite Possibilities class. Her passion for the material is evident! The material is something I feel all people could benefit from. I highly recommend you take this class!”

-Diane H.

Join these and other powerful, conscious creators and start your journey today.  The Possibilities are Infinite!!


This is the only course of its kind in Central Iowa!  

Get in on this exclusive group with this powerful workshop.

Class size is limited to 10 people, so sign up and get your seat before it’s gone!

Tuition is just $157 for all 4 weeks!

Infinite Possibilities-Online!

January 17, 24, 31, & February 7


(Click here to view system requirements for joining the class online.)  No refunds available. Transfers will be at the discretion of Jessica Ireland.

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